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Successful Online Dating: Black Speed Dating

Online dating works–at least it does for many people, and it can work for you.  Many women are terrified to meet a man she has been chatting online with.  Women remember the terrible things that have happened in the past.  They have a right to be scared and extremely careful.  Who knows, it may be vital for them.  So, what is a nice guy supposed to do?  You aren’t a pervert, sexual predator, or a weirdo; as a nice guy you are just looking for the woman for you.

When a man is looking online for a woman he must be patient. You can be very eager to have a black speed dating but you should remember to be patient when you deal with a women. You should all things to develop trust in you. You must keep conversations online light and full of fun until she feels comfortable chatting with you.  Do not push to meet this woman in person and do not push for any personal information such as her real name or where she lives.  You must be patient.

Along with being patient a man must be absolutely truthful about his physical appearance.  He must be truthful about what he does for a living because if the chatting goes further like a physical date she will find out anyway.  A good solid relationship can never be built on lies and deciet.  If a man does lie he will always be starting over.

Using pictures of yourself will take away all the presumptive thoughts.  As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Use full body and head shots of yourself.  Let her see what you look like doing several different activities.  Remember–if you were really dating she would see what you really look like.

As time goes by and the discussion has been opened about meeting in person for the first time make sure it is in a very public place.  It should always be in daylight and the suggestion she bring a friend along will provide relief and confidence in her.  You really don’t have anything to hide and you have told her the truth about yourself.  And she has already seen many pictures of you doing various things.  The only thing left is to make the meeting as safe as you can for her.

Safety First When Making Online Dating Relationships

When you first get into online dating you may find that it is a lot of fun.  Please don’t forget about your safety and use your common sense when you are looking for that special person to develop a casual or long-lasting relationship with.  Look at doing these things as the minimum you should do:

Always protect your private information stored on your personal computer.  Make sure you have an anti-virus program that will protect your emails and scan any data you want to store.  Make sure it will protect your computer when you search for websites and interact with others online.  Have a firewall that will not let intruders in.  There are several great free solutions for this if you search online.  Although you must use them for personal use–not commercial use.

You must take care of yourself too.  Choose an appropriate online dating service with care.  Look them over and choose a reputable service that has many testimonials depicting happy customers and read them.  Read the Terms of Service and see if the people there abide by them.  If you know other people who have used an online dating service see which one they recommend.  Bookmark the places you like so you can go back and look them over well or take a lot of notes.  Make your comparisons and select the one or ones you feel safest and most comfortable with.  Delete all bookmarks of the others and any other information you have stored in order to keep yourself from becoming confused.

The best thing you can do is protect your computer and yourself.  Do the absolutely best you can and then forge ahead looking for the friend or mate you truly desire.  It does work and it may just work for you.


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