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The relationship between Black and White People – Are you dating? Interesting things to know:

Many historians know the slave past in many of the American nations, either for religious reasons or trying to hide a reality that everyone knew or practiced in the colonial era regarding sexual relations between slaves and their owners. Talking about the marital relationship between a black man and a white woman was a subject that was forbidden to write or comment at that time, let alone be the main story in any kind of romantic literature, given the taboo nature of this type of intimate relationship Between slaves and owners.

The prohibition of marital, sexual or cohabitation between slaves and their owners, one of the dogmatic practices of Catholicism in relation to premarital sex was something that only existed on paper, and more when female slaves outnumbered Proportion to white women with an advantage of 9 black women by a white woman in many Latin American nations.

Beauty is a cultural idea, both physical and mental, and the norm is, of course, established by the dominant culture. Therefore beauty and everything associated with it has a high culturally motivated component where subjectivity is who determines the levels of this beauty, which depends on the society in particular, in which these rules of beauties are established by the power groups.

If you are dating or if you are in a relationship, this article has so many things that you should know:


We have to talk about that relationship where the white woman is only seen as a personal object by the black man, where sincere affection between couples is not part of the marital relationship, sexual relationship is only a requirement to fill and love Reciprocal is not part of the agreement “because for this black man the white woman is simply one more trophy, and the trophies, its acquisition has a cost. Starting from the fact that at this moment we are in an era where the women have acquired certain rights and liberties to say that there is a preference of the white woman for the black man by the sexual characteristics preference we would be treating the black man once more as a sexual object by the white woman, as a remnant that reminds us of the colonial system discarding other reasons for the Which white woman prefers a black man to establish a marital relationship that is mutually beneficial for both.

Preferences that people have when choosing a couple

For no one is a secret that in a multiracial society, where whites are in a position of power in relation to blacks, feminine beauty will be the norm to follow by all. Where the white woman more than a symbol of beauty is seen by some black men as the key that opens the door to be part of this power. Many of the studies that have been done in relation to the preferences that people have when choosing a mate similarity (race, ethnic group, social position, beliefs, education, attitude, physical attraction, sexually shared, personal preference) are The element that most influences when making that decision. Of all these characteristics mentioned what is the most important for you? It will depend on your social environment, attitudes learned and personal aspirations or goals.

Is the social position of the individual the most important when choosing a partner, rather than his race?

Is the social position or educational level of the individual important when choosing a partner more than the color of his skin? we always look for couples who have certain similarities with our personal taste, aspirations, social position, educational level, and human interaction capacity. The black man who is born in a poor environment, with educational levels in most cases takes a couple women in the same condition.

But when that same black man acquires some economic power, whether through education, sports, politics, business, etc., tries to take a couple a woman with equal economic or educational status, in this case, the black woman is at a disadvantage. This is where the white woman happens to be preferred by the black man, no matter the educational level or economic level of this white woman. More than choosing for racial preference, which is the norm, the black man makes his decision by reference to his social position, which is the norm, a white woman as synonymous with being part of those power elite, where the beauty of the white woman is part of her personal presentation.


What are the reasons why a black man chooses a white woman as a companion? Aside from naming some that are commonly part of the conversation in such relationships where feelings, sexual need, personal taste, and family formation are some of the reasons where the race of the chosen couple is not an option for that relationship.


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